We use an online booking tool called YArooms which will open in a new browser tab. The fields to fill in are not perfectly tailored for our purpose.
There is no field for your email address, which we need.
Please follow these instructions carefully! You can tab back to these instructions at any time.

Click on ‘Book Online’, choose guest login

• Choose the week you want
• Choose a room and click inside the calendar for the day you want
• Fill in the ‘Quick book’ details

In the field Meeting Title:
Please give your name and that of your organization,
e.g. ‘John Smith for Widgets Inc.’

In the field Description
If you don't provide contact details here we can't get in touch with you and your booking will not be completed
• A contact phone number
• The purpose of your meeting

• Click on ‘book’

For further information click on the email link

Or phone

126 Pt Chevalier Road,Pt Chevalier, Auckland